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Meet the new Mandoo Games original!


14 years or older / 2-4 people / 45 minutes

Game Design : Gary Kim

Illustration : Laura Bevon

You become one of the ancient gods and help people thrive and prosper in an unknown world where new civilizations are burgeoning.  They will thank you and praise your name. The more you do, the stronger your influence will be.
Will you be able to overcome the other gods and rise to the top of the gods?


8 years old or older / 2 people / 20 minutes

Game Design : Roberto Fraga

Illustration : HAMI

In order to save the crooked approximation Kai with a fragment of the mirror approx. You have to match the word of the other person with the word of the opposite person by using the mirror sculpture and the sculpture of the eyes Completion of the word in the apportioned word faster than the opponent and win the appropriation game!

Treasure of Nakbe

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8 years old or older / 2-7 people / 45 minutes

Game Design : Reiner Knizia

Illustration : Unburn The Witch

​Escape the expedition team by avoiding the pursuit of the guardians guarding the temple. You must collect as many treasures as possible and escape before anyone else. Be careful not to find out who the expedition members you sponsor are. If you reveal your identity too soon, you may be the first victim to everyone's interference.

Gang of Dice

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8 years old or older / 2 people / 30 minutes

Game Design : Reiner Knizia

Illustration : Odang from Dimidium

The competition between middle managers for the hegemony of the organization begins. Prove your skills to recruit your opponent's subordinates and increase your power. However, be careful because if you are too greedy, you may touch the heart of the boss and receive a bomb as a gift. Whether to take the risk and aim for victory, or minimize the damage this time.

Paper Safari
Pikachu and Friends

8 years old or older / 2-5 people / 20 minutes

Game Design : Kevin Kichan Kim

Illustration : Eva Dream

Pokemon friends are here to play in the world of paper safari!
You have to collect 6 pokemon friends. If you collect the same Pokemon, you can get a better score.
Dodge Team Rocket's attempts to shuffle your Pokémon to complete your collection of awesome Pokémon.